Self Care Chronicles: Dry Brushing

I turned the heat on. I turned the heat on last night for the first time this season and already I can feel my skin shrivelling. I will not fall victim to the forced air furnace this year! It's time to take positive action.

Right around the time I graduated from high school I took the first step in my personal “self care” journey and bought a lifestyle book: Marilu Henner's Total Health Makeover

I love makeovers! I love the idea of small things making a big difference. I’m not great at making wholesale changes but I sure can embrace a tiny adjustment that moves me forward in a positive way.

In the mid nineties, actress-turned-health-guru wasn't a legitimized profession (insert winking emoji here). And despite it being heavy on the anecdotal evidence, there were 2 great takeaways from this book that I still lean on regularly today: a delicious broccoli pasta recipe and dry brushing.

The Benefits

Dry brushing has been reported to help with smoothing cellulite, stimulating your lymphatic system to flush the toxins, and even improving circulation. You can find pages of articles with a ton of info on alone!

For me, even just the exfoliation benefits alone are worth it. Scaling or flaking is not my favourite. I would do almost anything to avoid scratching at my shins in the afternoon.

The Technique

I use a natural fibre dry brush that you can find at most health food stores, high end beauty stores, and, of course, Amazon. Start at your feet and brush up to your ankle, using an elongated upward motion for each stroke. Do each leg, each arm, your torso, your butt, the parts of your back you can reach, and your chest. I stay away from my nips and my face, but I try to get everywhere else - all while keeping each stroke toward the heart.

Go lightly! It’s not a competition to see how hard you can brush. It should feel like that perfect back scratch - effective but with a slight tickle. I like to brush right after my shower but you can do it right before, too. Some people like to apply oil or moisturizer first, I prefer after. You get to decide!

The Moisturizer

As I've aged, my need for moisturizer has definitely increased. And while I like testing all sorts of new products, this is one place I don't mess around anymore. I like 2 specific solutions and these are they:

EVER Skincare's Lavish Ultra Rich Body Butter 

This is thick and opaque out of the jar but melts with the heat of your body as you start to rub it in and absorbs right into your skin. It’s not greasy, it’s insanely hydrating and it smells like decadent lemon marshmallows - but not in a juvenile way.

Until this month, Lavish was only available in the US and I had to smuggle it in for myself (and a few lucky girlfriends). But as if this week, you can get your hands on it through clicking my affiliate link above, your Stella & Dot Stylist, or directly online at

Look out for other EVER Skincare items to trickle their way in this fall - this whole line is amazing!

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil

Hands down, my number one place to shop for skincare is a Paris pharmacie and CityPharma in St Germain De Pres is the mothership. My first micellar water, rose water toner, and dry shampoo have all come from here. And my first dry oil: Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse.

You can get it with or without gold flakes but I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want gold? And you can get it just about anywhere now, so no trip to Paris is required.

A dry oil, it goes on easily and absorbs leaving your skin glowing and soft. It contains 97% naturally derived ingredients and the scent is like a delicate botanical honey and leaves me with a mood I can only describe as “generational wealth”.

Do you dry brush? Do you have a special technique to share or moisturizer you use? Share it in the comments below!

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