Life is the Bubbles!

Reset it, and forget it.

If there's one place where I can hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete on a bad day, it's the bath. If I’m stressed, sad, confused, sick, or frustrated; the first place I take my troubles is the tub. 

And if it's a hangover? Well, I’ve been known to claim 20 minutes of submersion will force osmosis and hydrate your body from the outside in. That’s probably scientifically false (and a Powerade would probably be better), but, dang, it sure feels good.

A Japanese study from this summer revealed that regular immersion baths (rather than showers) has significant self-reported mental and physical health benefits - including less anxiety, less depression, less hostility, and - the best one - more SMILE!

A bath can be an all-out sensory experience enhanced by temperature, candlelight, music, and scents. I’m personally partial to a moisturizing single-serve bath bomb for my tubby time. I love the aromatherapy, the epsom salt benefits, and the glorious post-bath coconut oil or shea butter benefits for my skin.

That's why when we started CLOVER self care co., the first thing on my wish list was something I could add to my regular routine. I wanted something that would be relaxing, calming, but also a little different. While Lavender is commonly used in relaxation, we were looking for something more unique.

Did you know that the Jasmine flower represents many different things in many different cultures. It's a common female name, for one. In Java, Jasmine is used in wedding ceremonies. In Thailand, the flower represents motherhood. In India, it represents home. In Hawaii, leis of jasmine flowers are presented as a sign of friendship, affection, and welcome. What a powerful flower! We're experimenting in the CLOVER Labs right now with Jasmine as our first bath scent. 

We'd love you to share! What do you add to your bath? Bubbles, epsom or other soaking salts, oils, bombs, or something else entirely? Is there a particular smell you're obsessed with? Tell us more about how you create the perfect bath in the comments below!


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